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Browncord Adverts

About Us

About Browncord Adverts

Browncord Adverts is a fast Growing and leading Brand in Properties and Venue Listing in Kenya and beyond, we strive as much to provide you with up-to-date and reliable information and News regarding your search; to help you make the right decision when finding your desired dream property or venue in an easy and fast way.

We also offer various services like:

  1. Full Business branding (including all Graphics Solutions).
  2. Advertisements and Marketing.
  3. Events Organizing.

Browncord Adverts creates a cord that connects home seekers to their destined homes and venue seekers to their desired Event Venues in any location of their choice in an easy and short way.

The cord connects:

  1. Commercial Agencies to the Renters (people to rent.).
  2. House owners to the Renters (people to rent.).
  3. Properties to the buyers.
  4. Event Organizers to the Event Venues.
  5. Sellers with Buyers.
  6. Event Vendors to Event owners.

We also provide those who are planning to have an event in any place of their choice by providing them with variety of venues for different events and event organizers near that place or location. We make your journey shorter and enjoyable.

Our Mission:

To gratify our clients by providing them with a reliable online solution of getting a Home and an Event Venue of choice in their desired location in an easy fast way.

Our Vision

To be an excellent choice on properties and event venues listing platform in Kenya and beyond, by providing our clients with the best services.

Core Business

Acting as a knowledgeable link between the buyers, developers & sellers as well as Landlords and tenants through partnerships with professionals in the real estate industry and Between Event organizers, Event venues owners and & Event owners.

Our Core Values:

  • Team work
  • Integrity
  • Excellent customer service


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